Wal-Mart’s Electronics Problem: Where are the Hot New Gadgets?

eBay’s ‘My Gadgets’ Keeps Track of Personal Tech

The chains entertainment sales at stores open at least a year fell by mid-single-digit percentages in the second quarter, as prices fell, shoppers focused on necessities and electronics proved uncompelling. Another blow came from television sales, where Wal-Mart said it lost market share for the three months ending June 30. The one bright spot was in its wireless business. Wal-Mart has become the largest handset retailer. Wal-Mart isnt alone reporting weaker sales of big-ticket items like televisions and personal computers. Retail sales at electronics stores so far this year have declined 0.2% from the same period the year before, according to the Commerce Department. Revenue at Best Buy Co. and RadioShack Corp. has suffered for much of the past year, as sales of profitable accessories like cords and carrying cases fail to keep pace with demand for lower-margin devices like smartphones.
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5 must-have gadgets for students

From home security to personal safety to keeping an eye on the elderly, here are some of the best tech gadgets to help keep everything and everyone you love … safe. SMART CAMERAS There’s a new generation of smart video cameras that make it easy to keep an eye on what’s happening on the home front, no matter where you are. These modern cameras come with Wi-Fi connectivity for easy installation and the ability to watch from anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Though it’s not an entirely hidden fee, be aware that once you’ve paid for the camera, you can typically watch live video over the Internet for free, but if you want to save, store and review older video or use other advanced features, you’ll have to pay an additional monthly fee. Our favorites are SwannSmart Video ($129), Dropcam ($149) and HomeMonitor ($199). The viewing service that comes with each camera is a bit different, but all let you watch live video for free and pay for extra features: SwannSmart costs $5.99 a month, Dropcam costs $9.95 to $29.95 depending on how many days of old video you want to access, and HomeMonitor offers up to 7 days of video for free and charges $3 a month if you want to be able to view even older video. It’s hard to go wrong with any of these smart cameras, but I especially like the Dropcam for its overall simplicity. Also, the HomeMonitor, while the most expensive up front, offers more free video viewing options than the rest, meaning it could save you money in the long run if you intend to pay for more video access. HOME AUTOMATION AND SECURITY If you’re looking for security features that go beyond a camera, home automation either on its own or combined with one of the cameras mentioned above may be what you’re after. The automation features in these gadgets will help keep you and your home and family safe.
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Walmart Introduces ‘Gadgets to Gift Cards’

Walmart Introduces Gadgets to Gift Cards Walmart Introduces Gadgets to Gift Cards

Users can now catalog their entire tech collection, to see how much their unused devices might sell for, or just to keep a virtual library of their valuables. To add items, users can type the name of each piece into the search bar or browse through featured categories; the system automatically includes any eBay electronics purchases. My Gadgets then calculates the current value of each item based on sales trends and average selling price information from recent sales. Users can find the individual value of new and vintage items, as well as the collective price of their collection. And when you see that your antique turntable could pick up a hefty return, My Gadgets makes it easy to sell pieces by simply creating a listing from within the collection. Items are organized by category, so selling old devices and adding new ones is extra simple. The site even offers price trends, so you can gauge the best time to sell that PlayStation 3. “We have a wealth of research on our customers’ needs and wants, and deep data from their interactions with eBay,” the company said in a news release. “We’re using this data, our wide inventory and millions of users to deliver richer, deeper, more personalized shopping experiences that are tailored and relevant for each individual customer.” EBay’s new initiative also boasts a green component: My Gadgets helps extend tech items’ life cycle, putting it in the hands of someone who will continue using it, instead of throwing it into a landfill. According to eBay, giving one used smartphone a new life can help protect up to 50 square feet of forest.
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TECH NOW: Best new security gadgets

rocket cam

Temperature problems — like that end up — that’s on the go any student that is studying all night pulling an all later it’s always great to have that extra battery life. And that’s that he is out of the as a university crowning a nice and well we didn’t have — — those things that I think we’ve. I think it was so easy pens and papers — united net net risk in factories running at them but certainly these days. Of course I love — not — — for the simple fact that it is so — I mean it’s really really is nothing safe right now Kenya. — — backpack — and running around with it but of course. We now living — — tablets which it equally as portable and — when — tell us about that. This is do you have — new nexus seven isn’t just released a new model I’d — — lot thinner it’s a little bit taller and data that is camera. And that they are. This is one of the first smaller tablet so — around seven inch tablets that have a 1080. Gorgeous screen that you’re looking at — me turn to my son.
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With the rate smartphone and tablet companies are refreshing their product lines, keeping up with the latest trends is an expensive habit. If you’re hell bent on always having the latest and greatest gadgets, your best bet is to keep your devices in top notch condition and let http://speedyplansindownloadfreepdf.blogspot.com/2013/07/how-to-become-alpha-male-john-alexander.html go of the notion that you might some day open your very own electronics museum. The market for second hand electronics is huge and selling your gently used devices is the best way to recoup some of the costs you sink into your expensive hobby. eBay this week made it even easier to sell your gadgets online with the release of a new service called ‘My Gadgets.’ My Gadgets allows you to build an online inventory of your electronics and helps you figure out the best time to sell specific items. The service will calculate the current value of your items based on eBay’s own sales data trends and average selling price information from recent sales. Of course, eBay hasn’t forgotten about its bread and butter, and so My Gadgets also has a ‘Sell It with Ease’ tool that creates an eBay listing from within your My Gadget collection using pre-populated product information and current sales trends to determine a fair price. eBay says that its users sell a cell phone every 4 seconds, a pair of headphones every 9 seconds and an iPad every minute. No doubt those numbers will increase as users latch on to this new service. My Gadget is accessible via ebay.com/mygadgets.
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Gadgets: making travel easier

Best of dublin

Then heres the rub youve got to Bluetooth pair it with a smartphone which has either StreetPilot or Navigon apps. The HUD uses the apps sat nav info and beams it up for easy reading. Of course, you could also just have a regular, mounted GPS. But for early adopters, youd have bragging rights at the start of a technology which will probably become commonplace. 149 from garmin.com Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio A couple of popular tech strands in one here: the tablet keyboard and solar power. So youve a protective folio sleeve that doubles as a stand, with a proper touch-typing keyboard. And its solar-powered, so no messy USB action with yet more cables to forget/lose/tangle. Even indoor light will keep it charged. It does bulk tablets up a little, but most people already keep theirs in cases. 130 from logitech.com Fire Piston This is a smart expression of an ancient nugget of knowledge: compress a gas and it heats up.
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eBay’s ‘My Gadgets’ Helps Users Sell Their Electronics

Need a new one? If so, Walmart may be able to address this problem. Walmart has just raised the curtain on its own trade-in program of sorts. With industry analysts expecting Apple to drop the new iPhone in less than a month, Walmarts Gadgets to Gift Cards promotion enables customers to trade in their old devices in return for gift card credit at the store. And its not just for smartphones either. Walmart will accept video games, MP3 players, computers, camera, and other electronics too. Although its not clear how much you will receive in return for your unwanted electronics, something is better than nothing according to Walmart, While you may not get the top dollar for your old gear, you will be able to get a Walmart card in seconds and then use it to buy whatever you want from the retail giant. Simply select the device you want to trade-in, enter its condition and push the button. Before you know it, youll get a Walmart card code that can be used either online at Walmart.com or at any Walmart store across the country. In order to make this happen, explains Dusan Belic of IntoMobile , youll have to pass a credit check first. Then youll have 10 days to send your device to Walmart and youll even get a free shipping label to do so. Make sure you dont miss a deadline cause being late will cost you money (and credit points). To learn more about Walmarts new trade-in program, click here .
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