eBay’s ‘My Gadgets’ Keeps Track of Personal Tech

Surf report: Tech gadgets for one last summer hike


Users can now catalog their entire tech collection, to see how much their unused devices might sell for, or just to keep a virtual library of their valuables. To add items, users can type the name of each piece into the search bar or browse through featured categories; the system automatically includes any eBay electronics purchases. My Gadgets then calculates the current value of each item based on sales trends and average selling price information from recent sales. Users can find the individual value of new and vintage items, as well as the collective price of their collection. And when you see that your antique turntable could pick up a hefty return, My Gadgets makes it easy to sell pieces by simply creating a listing from within the collection. Items are organized by category, so selling old devices and adding new ones is extra simple. The site even offers price trends, so you can gauge the best time to sell that PlayStation 3. “We have a wealth of research on our customers’ needs and wants, and deep data from their interactions with eBay,” the company said in a news release. “We’re using this data, our how to become an alpha male john alexander wide inventory and millions of users to deliver richer, deeper, more personalized shopping experiences that are tailored and relevant for each individual customer.” EBay’s new initiative also boasts a green component: My Gadgets helps extend tech items’ life cycle, putting it in the hands of someone who will continue using it, instead of throwing it into a landfill.
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Wal-Mart’s Electronics Problem: Where are the Hot New Gadgets?

A major upgrade from waterproof paper maps, Garmin’s Oregon 650 handheld navigation system looks and feels like a smartphone short of making calls, that is. Preloaded with topographical maps for the U.S., the Oregon 650t ($550) puts the world in the palms of hikers. Keeping track of where they’ve been, the device can save 200 tracks, which log time, location and elevation along a route, as well as 4,000 waypoints, or points of interests, such as trailheads and campsites. The Oregon 650t includes an 8-megapixel rear camera with flash and autofocus, which in theory means you don’t need to lug a dedicated shooting device. The resolution is comparable to many point-and-shoots and the cameras on high-end smartphones, but the actual picture quality leaves a lot to be desired, with colors looking somewhat dull, flat and washed out perhaps the camera could integrate a neutral-density filter to restore the vividness of landscapes. Yet there are a few upsides with this built-in camera: First, it’s part of a rugged, waterproof unit, so you don’t have to fret when the device takes a tumble or goes for a splash (with a smartphone, this would cause heartbreak). Second, the photos are automatically geotagged, so the metadata can inform you of the exact spot where an image was taken. The 7.4-ounce unit features a smart dual-battery system that can take any type of AA batteries. A pair of rechargeable NiMH batteries that can last 16 hours are included, but in the event backpackers expect needing more juice, they can also bring along spare batteries. Though the screen resolution is relatively low at 240-by-400 pixels, the vibrant 3-inch screen is visible even in harsh sunlight thanks to a transflective display optimized for the outdoors. Like smartphones, the operating system that runs on the Oregon 650t comes loaded with apps, except these are handy for hiking, boating, geocaching and other outdoor activities.
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There are a bunch of half-decent ones worth looking at ReShip , Shipito and AmForward are some of the best. The fees they charge vary a little, but are normally somewhere around $5 per package, or some kind of monthly fee for unlimited packages. Then, on top, theres shipping. Depending on the size, weight and value of what youre trying to get your hands on, this can vary between really-quite-cheap and itd-better-be-delivered-by-the-Holy-Angels prices. As a ballpark, getting a laptop shipped to the UK will cost around $70 USD (about 50 in real money). Extra Services Most of the reshipping services also offer extra services (though, of course, for some extra dough). Package consolidation will save you a bunch on shipping, consolidating five goodies into one package to be sent to the UK. More usefully, all the services named above offer assisted purchasing essentially, some online retailers wont accept a UK credit card, so the reshipper will buy the stuff for you. What About The Tax? Once youve paid the reshippers fee and postage costs, theres still one more organisation that wants a share of the pie: Her Majestys Revenue and Customs. There are two fees you might be liable to pay: import duty, and VAT.
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Go Back To School With the Coolest Tech: 5 Gadgets Your Friends Won’t Have

Consumers will spend, but you have to give them a good reason to spend, Chief Financial Officer Charles Holley said. After a long run of hits, there hasnt been a lot of innovation in electronics, and videogame systems have been delayed, he said. Thats a problem for Wal-Mart. Entertainment accounts for 11% of its $274.5 billion in U.S. net sales. When its down, it affects us, Mr. Holley said. The chains entertainment sales at stores open at least a year fell by mid-single-digit percentages in the second quarter, as prices fell, shoppers focused on necessities and electronics proved uncompelling. Another blow came from television sales, where Wal-Mart said it lost market share for the three months ending June 30. The one bright spot was in its wireless business. Wal-Mart has become the largest handset retailer.
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How To Buy US-Only Gadgets From the UK


If you want to stand out from the crowd, youre going to need to dig a bit deeper. To help keep you stocked with the newest and neatest gear, here are five gadgets that your schoolmates arent very likely to have. 1. Olloclip Go Back To School With the Coolest Tech: 5 Gadgets Your Friends Wont Have The iPhone has a superb built-in camera, but its still limited by the static lens thats why true photography fans should snag themselves an Olloclip. For $69.99, you get three lenses in one quick-connect attachment. Snap on the Olloclip to your iPhone, and you can use it as a fish-eye lens, a wide-angle lens, and a macro lens. You can take some of the best pictures on campus with this snazzy little adapter, and that way you wont have to carry around a separate camera all of the time. 2. Tetris Lamp Go Back To School With the Coolest Tech: 5 Gadgets Your Friends Wont Have In college, youre probably stuck with some cheap furniture, and the bland setting of a dorm room.
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