The danger lurking in mobile apps

Mobile device management spotlight

Apps that, once downloaded onto your device, can access all of your most personal and protected information, and send it onto untrusted and harmful destinations. McAfee’s recent Consumer Mobile Threat Report June 2013 found that apps are the number one source of malware for mobile devices; that the U.S. is the number two source of malicious apps; and that 26% of malicious apps collect precise GPS location, account, and activity information from your devicebefore sending it to untrustworthy sources These evolving threatsspyware, malware, risky apps, and untrustworthy linkspose a risk for users when you consider how integral mobile is to our daily activities. These apps might right now be relaying your most guarded information to hackers, or other malicious sites, without you knowing. On Android devices, these apps can access more than 124 different permissions, including turning your camera on to recording your conversations. Once hackers have access to your device, your passwords, credit card information, location data, and more are exposed. Various malware will send your information out to sites where it will be used to commit fraud or identity theft, and/or sign you up for premium-rate text messages. And, if they can’t get to you they’ll try through your children. A number of phony game apps for children, from trusted mobile app stores, have been found to harvest information from mobile devices.
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It has been witnessed that large organizations are more concerned about the number of mobile devices entering and exiting their company on a daily basis in order to safeguard their data. Therefore, BYOD policy has not been implemented on large scale in large enterprises while several SMEs are deploying BYOD in order to reduce infrastructure and operational costs. Increased BYOD deployment in SMEs further increases the demand for MDM solutions. In addition, high adoption of Internet-enabled wireless gadgets such as personal digital assistant, smartphones, and tablets among employees of SMEs, MDM solutions has been adopted by SMEs as a growing trend, which in turn bring down the desktop and laptop usage to a considerable extent. According to the report, one of the major drivers is the need to enhance customer experience. A large number of organizations are using mobile devices to improve the customer experience and to increase efficiency. Therefore, MDM solutions have become almost necessary for organizations to manage customer experience effectively and ensure that they reach the maximum level of customer satisfaction, as it is critical to sustain in the competitive environment. For more information visit About Research and Markets Research and Markets is the world’s leading source for international market research reports and market data. We provide you with the latest data on international and regional markets, key industries, the top companies, new products and the latest trends. CONTACT: Research and Markets, Laura Wood, Senior Manager. Fax from USA: 646-607-1907 Fax from rest of the world: +353-1-481-1716 Sector: Handsets and Mobile Devices ( ) ((M2 Communications disclaims all liability for information provided within M2 PressWIRE.
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Mobile Device Management Featured Article

While devices like smartphones and tablets are initially aimed at consumers, theres no denying theyve begun to carve out a larger share in the enterprise. When it comes to smartphones, the BlackBerry is still king. But according to results from TechTargets 2011 Windows Purchasing Intentions Survey, both the Android and Apple iPhone have started to gain ground. Microsoft recently jumped on the smartphone bandwagon as well with the release of Windows Phone 7 , adding another competitor to the increasingly crowded mobile device playing field. Joining the “ARMs” race Microsoft began 2011 with a major move in the mobile device market. The company plans to build a more tablet-friendly Windows with ARM processor support, something CEO Steve Ballmer said will help put the OS on every type of device without compromise. But with an actual release not expected for two more years, some wonder whether the strategy is too little, too late. Results from the same TechTarget survey place the iPad in over 33% of business environments in 2011, with support for Hewlitt-Packard (HP), Lenovo and Dell tablets sprinkled in as well. Once again, Microsoft is looking to get in on the action by joining forces with ARM , a strategy designed to make Windows more comparable to Apples iOS in the tablet market. With so many mobile device options making their way into the enterprise, it all leads to a delicate balance between user freedom and IT policy. Many organizations are establishing detailed security policies to protect internal data and address key areas such as device deployment, configuration and maintenance. Others have turned to products like Microsofts System Center Mobile Device Manager , though uptake has been slowed as such software continues to mature.
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Global Mobile Device Management Enterprise Software Market 2012-2016: Key Vendors Reviewed

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It also provides the transparency needed to understand what users are doing when mobile. At the same time, they can support policies put in place to guide the proper usage of the device. Mobile device management is a popular tool whether the company has adopted a Bring Your Own Device strategy or not. Its a nice medium between the control IT still needs to have and the flexibility and access users demand. Likewise, it also addresses the security concerns that seem to be top of mind for any professional promoting the use of mobile devices for access to the corporate network through the public Internet. This is where MobileIron stands out in the crowd. The mobile device management solutions provider offers a Layered Security model so that users have the flexibility they need without sacrificing the security of the network. The solution aims to provide the experience mobile was created to produce. Users (and their supervisors) enjoy increased productivity and access to the tools they need while on the go. Layered Security addresses a number of different elements in the mobile experience. First, it protects the enterprise persona, or the collection of settings, information, applications and data on the employees mobile device.
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DNS Made Easy Launches Mobile App for Apple Devices

The Android version of the mobile app has been available since August 19th. Apple approved the app a few days later. The reason for the delay for usage of the mobile app on Apple devices was based upon the approval process that such apps must undergo with Apple. The company is also mulling the idea of offering the mobile app on Blackberry. If our corporate clients who use Blackberry want the mobile app as well, we will look into servicing their needs in the near future, Seven Job, President of DNS Made Easy said. We put our clients first, so if we receive feedback from these users and they say, We want it for Blackberry, then we will make sure they have a product and soon. That is what the company did for Android and IOS users. These users requested the mobile app, so DNS Made Easy launched the new and innovative service, once again proving that they are a leading provider with cutting edge DNS services. Recently, DNS Made Easy out-performed all of its competitors in speed. During the month of July DNS Made Easy was evaluated by a third party company and found that they offer the fastest DNS speed in the industry. Now DNS Made Easy is a leader in DNS mobile applications for both Android and IOS devices. Job also said that the company was going to be offering special promotions in the coming weeks, explaining, We want to raise further awareness about the mobile app and how easily our clients can access their DNS configurations using their mobile devices, so were going to be announcing new promotions in order to help spread the word about these new features. For more information about the DNS Made Easy Mobile Application and DNS Made Easys other services please visit
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