10 Gadgets to Improve Your Parties

Five must-have gadgets for your new college dorm room

Youve been planning this soiree for weeks, and every detail down to the playlist has been meticulously thought out. Or has it? Click to see10 Gadgets to Improve Your Parties You may think you know how to throw a shindig , but a few upgrades in your gadget arsenal could make all of the difference. Planning to play your perfected playlist out of your laptop speakers? Not if you want to hear the tunes over the din of your guests chatting. For less than what your KitchenAid cost you, you can have a booming wireless speaker that will fill any room. Or how about a corkscrew equipped with a digital thermometer, and an iceless wine-chiller to make sure it maintains an exact temperature for the wine connoisseur? And craft brew lovers in your crew will love the stylish mini keg we found, which will keep their brews ice-cold. Slideshow: 10 Gadgets to Improve Your Parties (Slideshow) Technology exists to simplify our lives, and there is no reason you can’t use that to your party-planning advantage. There are a ton of gadgets that could help you and your guests have a good time. Weve sifted through the “deals” to present some of the most useful (and coolest) high-tech solutions to ensure your next gathering goes off without a hitch.
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Both laptops are powered by Windows 8. Elitebook Revolve 810 is sleeker and more portable of the two. It weighs just 1.36kgs and has an 11.6-inch touchscreen. The screen resolution is, however, rather low at 1366 x 768 pixels. It is a convertible laptop and its screen can be swiveled. It can also be laid flat on the keyboard, turning the laptop into a Windows 8 tablet. The device is powered by 3rd generation Core i processor and can be configured to have as much as 12GB RAM. Elitebook Revolve also has a premium design and finish. It uses a Gorilla glass cover on the screen and has a body made of magnesium alloy. ProBook 430 G1 is a mainstream laptop. HP said that the device is powered by 4th generation Core I processor.
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DVICE Summer Gadget Guide: Gadgets for the beach and the pool

Solar Pool Heating Rings Summer is a great time to enjoy the pool, but it can take weeks for that water to reach a comfortable temperature for swimming. While some very lucky folks have controls that regulate the temp year-round, most outdoor pool owners have to how to become an alpha male john alexander wait for that sweet spot or brave the chill. But dont despair. Hammacher Schlemmer sells floating solar rings that soak up the suns rays and warm the water for you. For an average-sized pool, the rings can heat the water as much as 4.5 degrees a week. Now, it may not sound like a lot, but that could be the difference between shivering and reaching for your towel, and enjoying the water all day long. And if you dont have a pool of your own, you could always buy these for a friend so that they feel obligated to invite you when they have their next poolside BBQ. $60. Xperia Tablet Z Don’t let its 6.9mm thick profile deceive you: Sony’s flagship Android tablet is as powerful as it is perfect for reading books, watching movies, and playing games next to the pool.
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Jasmine Lowe – Los Angeles Gadgets Examiner – Tech Gear

Even now I look at the Xbox Kinect in the next room and am a little concerned about my privacy, but Im also one of those strange weirdoes who put a… Google Innovation in the Open: Day 1 May 15, 2013 Didnt have get the chance to head up to the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California for this years Google I/O? Well, dont get yourself too down. Reports show that it only… Google Now is Available on iOS (Photos) April 29, 2013 Todays the day for those of you Google lovers looking for another Siri, which can be found on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, as well as iPads running iOS 6, or rather yesterday as that is… Should you download Facebook Home? April 22, 2013 Are you ready for already incredibly self-absorbed individuals who dont mind ignoring everyone else around them and staring at their phones instead of paying attention to you in conversations? Well then go ahead and head on… Banning the Use of Map Apps April 8, 2013 A judge recently ruled that using smartphone maps while driving is illegal. Im already terrible at directions as it is and now you dont want people to use a map? Well luckily they are not…
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Gadgets: Awash in a sea of Bluetooth speakers

When shopping for the speakers, obviously consider price and sound but be aware of size, too. They range from pocket-sized speakers up to some that take up the same amount of space as a small piece of furniture. Here are a bunch of choices in a variety of sizes, sounds, colors and prices from $14.99 up to $599. AUVIO AT RADIOSHACK RadioShack’s Auvio Bluetooth speaker line comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. The Auvio 1.5-Watt 3-inch cubed speaker ($39.99) is good for about six hours of playback and also can be used as a hands-free device for answering calls with its built in mic. It pumps out great sounding music and doesn’t take up much space, making it very portable. The speaker is available in blue, black, white and TCU purple. The Auvio HBT6000 Bluetooth speaker ($149) has a 60W output from six internal 10W speakers to make it the life of a party. RadioShack calls it Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D technology, which produces the powerful sound. A remote control is included to give you wireless access for controlling music choices, pause/play along with volume.
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HP launches new EliteBook and Probook for users

Actually, my roommates and I saw nothing but potential. Disgusting or not, we were determined to make the room as comfy as possibleand you can too with whatever dorm environment you’re dealing with this fall. Your room will never be a luxury apartment, but a few crucial appliances can make it a multi-functional space for studying , sleeping, and socializing. This is pretty close to what my dorm looked like, but this one is much cleaner. Magic Chef MCBR360B mini fridge ($180) This mini fridge will keep snacks cool and comply with your dorm’s restrictions. Unless you lucked out with a nice apartment-style dorm, your room probably doesnt have much more than a bed, desk, and spot for your clothes. But what about food? For keeping snacks to hold you over when the dining hall is closed, youll want a mini fridgeand Magic Chefs MCBR360B is a great one. It has a separate freezer compartment, keeps a consistent temperature, and has both shelf and door storage to hold plenty of food and drinks. (Im sure youll put that 12 ounce can dispenser to good use, too.) As an added bonus, its really quiet, so it shouldnt keep you up at night.
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